Student guide Faculty of Engineering A.Y. 2010/11

Quality of Design
Aim of the course
The principal learning objective is to acquire the fundamental tools of quality management for fulfilling the specifications of a project.
Students will therefore examine aspects relating to both the product design and development phases.
This material will then be completed with a description of the organisational and procedural problems connected with quality certifications.
Analysis of experimental data and statistics.
1. Definition of quality.
- Product quality and conformity: definitions.
- Total quality.
- Principles for the economic valuation of quality.
2. Quality in the design of products and processes.
- Definitions and examples of performance and specifications.
- Tools for defining product specifications.
- Design oriented toward production and post-production.
3. Measurement as a tool for acquiring data for quality control.
- Architecture of a measuring system.
- Parameters which determine the quality of a measuring system.
- Measurement uncertainties.
4. Quality in production. Instruments for improvement.
- Capacity of the process.
- Statistical process control.
There will be a written examination.
Reading list
Lecture notes and reading materials.