Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2011/12

Sustainable Economic Policy and Management
Aim of the course
The course intends to provide an inter-disciplinary understanding of the principles, policies and practices of socially and environmentally sustainable economic policy, business strategy and management.

1.         Sustainable Economy: key-concepts and contemporary issues in policy and business.
2.                  The long view: environmental and social sustainability in a historical perspective (from Neolithic to our times).
3.                  The wide view: indicators of sustainability across the contemporary societies and economic systems
4.                  Human population, basic needs and natural resources: critical issues.
5.                  Energy: environmental, economic and political issues.
6.                  Water resources: environmental, economic and social issues.
7.                  Tourism and leisure: sustainability issues in service business.
8.                  Global consumer-citizenship and the ‘wellness’ imperative: new policy directions and new business horizons.
9.                  Business and sustainability: issues in corporate social responsibility and cultural leadership.
10.              Sustainable development planning: case studies, examples and field reports.
The evaluation and final marks (score) of the students depends upon:
  • Quality of participation in the classroom (regular attendance, interaction)
  • Small group project (team-work) and reporting (class-room presentation)
  • Individual written paper (home assignment)
  • Final comprehensive oral exam.

Reading list
Suggested reading list, web (internet)-based resources, articles and hand-outs will be provided in the beginning of the course and in the class-room.