Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2005/06 Lauree Triennali

Information systems management
Aim of the course
The course aims at developing the knowledge of the technical aspects and the managerial methods necessary to understand the business applications of the information and communication technologies (ICT) and to improve the business efficiency and effectiveness through the use of ICT resources.
Therefore, the main objectives of the course are:
1. to provide the basic notions regarding the ICT;
2. to develop a deep understanding of the issues of information management within an organization;
3. to develop the ability to analyze and manage business evolution in relationship to the adoption of ICT in general and specifically to Internet based technologies.
To effectively take the lectures students are requested to know the essentials of the hardware and software architecture of computer systems, in terms of both data processing and data communication.
The study of the technological components of an information system (IS) is essential to provide the student with a solid knowledge base about how information systems work. By understanding opportunities and limits of the ICT the student will be able to assess the influence of ICT on business strategies and organization and to compare the adequacy of different technical solutions to the business needs.
In synthesis, the lectures will cover the following main topics:
1.       the role of information and IS within organizations;
2.       the technological characteristics and functionalities of a computer based IS (e.g. computer networks, database);
3.       the relationship between ICT and the structure the processes and the strategy of the organization;
4.       the sustainability of IS strategy and the IS strategic planning;
5.       software applications and ICT systems for IS management: the role of “ICT solutions” (e.g. ERP systems, KMS, CRM systems) with respect to business processes and strategies;
6.       IS development: approaches and methods to build and manage IS.
Students are required to take a final written exam at the end of the course to prove their knowledge on the topics presented in the course. In addition, the teachers could possibly evaluate the participation of the students to the classes by means of contribution points to be added to the result of the exam.
Reading list
Text book
Turban, McLean, Wetherbe, “Information Technology for management”, Wiley, 2002.
Documentation provided by teachers (slides, papers, …).
Other useful text-books:
J. Hoffer, J. George, J. Valacich, “Modern Systems Analysis & Design”, Addison-Wesley.