Student guide International Program A.Y. 2005/06

Italian Level 1
Aim of the course
This course is specially addressed to all beginner students coming into contact with the Italian language and culture for the first time. During each lesson, students will be given the progressive course material, for use in class and at home.
Lessons will be given in Italian and only if necessary the teacher will provide a translation.
Lessons will be based on a communicative approach and on everyday situations.
The basic patterns and structures of the language will be taught, so that the students can acquire a basic knowledge mastery of the Italian language.
Simple present of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and irregular verbs (for the latters only the most used)
Personal pronouns subject
Nouns and adjectives ending with -o/a
Nouns and adjectives ending with –e
Determinate and indeterminate articles
Possessive adjectives and pronouns
Adverbs of frequency
Main interrogative pronouns
Cardinal numbers
Present perfect of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and irregular verbs (for the latters only the most used)
Countries, nationalities
Time, date , weekdays, months, seasons, part of the day
Description of things, places, persons
House, family, school, clothes, shops

Communicative functions
How to introduce oneself
How to introduce other people
How to greeet and to thank
How to accept or refuse an invitation
How to ask for information
How to ask for the permission to do something
Likes and dislikes
How to express a personal opinion
How to offer something to someone

Italian culture
During the lesons the students will deal with simple reading passages about different aspects of the italian life.
There will be a written exam at the end of the course.
The final mark will be awarded based on
attendance , class participation and results of the midterm test (20%),
oral project (20%) ,
written exam (60%).
N.B. It's no possible use dictionary or other books during the tests and exam.
Reading list
"In Italiano"-Edizioni Guerra, Perugia
"Qui Italia" - Primo livello Ed. Le Monnier, Firenze
"Uno" Bonacci Editore
"Linea diretta ", Edizioni Guerra, Perugia