Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2004/05 Lauree Triennali

Comparative economics
Fausto Lanfranco, Mark Brusati, Luca Rebola, Pier Davide Montonati, Davide Cerutti, Walter Osti
Aim of the course
The course has following objectives:
·         to introduce an inter-disciplinary approach (economics with other social/human sciences)
·         to provide a global and cross-cultural understanding of the economic realities
·         to enhance strategic thinking.
1.         Introduction: overview, theories and method
1.1 The economic systems: habitats, cultures, market alignments, security spheres (Prof. D.R. Pant)
1.2 Comparative Economics: what to compare, how to compare (Prof. Pant)
2.         Selected trends/issues survey
2.1   Development and under-development in Sub-Saharan Africa (Prof.Pant)
2.2   Natural resources management in Latin America (Prof. Pant)
2.3   Socio-economic realities of the Islamic world (Prof. Pant)
2.4   Transition in Russia and the ex-Soviet lands (Prof. Pant)
2.5   European Union’s enlargement and emerging economic issues (Prof. Pant)
3.          Systems survey: selected case/area studies
3.1   China: a survey of policies, business and society (Prof. Pant)
3.2   India: a survey of policies, business and society (Prof. Pant)
3.3   USA: a survey of policies, business and society (Prof. Edward Liebow)
4.          Policy survey: selected thematic comparison
4.1   USA and EU: urban policies (Prof. Liebow)
4.2   USA and EU: environmental policies (Prof. Liebow)
4.3   USA and EU: human development (Prof. Liebow)
4.4   USA and EU: international development co-operation (Prof. Liebow)
5.          Next economy: strategic foresight exercise (Prof. Pant)
Written work (home assignment) during the course and an oral exam at the end.
Reading list
Gregory, P.R. & Stuart, R.C., Comparative Economic Systems, Houghton Mifflin, Boston/New York, 1999.
Pant, D.R., Armenia, the Next Economy: an Inter-disciplinary Future-view, LIUC/Crespi, 2002.
Pant, D. R., Two decades of international investments in the People's Republic of China, LIUC Paper, n° 62, Castellanza, 1999.
Seligson, M.A. & Passé-Smith, J.T., Development and Under-development: The Political Economy of Global Inequality, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder (Colorado, USA) & London, 1998.
Sen, A.K., Development as Freedom, New York Knopf, 1999.
Reports of UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, IMF, OECD, EBRD, Worldwatch Institute etc..
Miscellaneous hand-outs in the classroom and on the university website.