Student guide International Program A.Y. 2006/07

Italian Level 2
Sabrina Dotti
Aim of the course
This course is specially addressed to all students that already have a basic knowledge of Italian language.
They will be given the opportunity to revise and improve their Italian.
-          Indicative Present Perfect of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and irregular verbs
-          The Indicative Imperfect tense
-          Reflexive, pronominal and reciprocal verbs in the studied tenses
-          Personal pronouns indirect object
-          Personal pronouns object direct plus indirect
-          Present Conditional of the auxiliary verbs to be and to have, of regular and  irregular verbs
-          Past conditional of regular and  irregular verbs
-          Preposition simple and articulate ,prepositional locutions
-          Imperative
Comunicative functions
-           How to speak about the past
-           How to ask for something politely
-           How to give advice
-           How to give orders, suggestions and directions
-           At the hotel
-           How to reach a destination
Italian culture
During the lessons the students will be able to improve their communicative abilities and their vocabulary as well  about  different aspects of the Italian way of life .
There will be a written and oral exam at the end of the course.
Reading list
-           “In Italiano” ,edizioni Guerra ,Perugia.
-           “Qui Italia”-primo livello( Lingua e grammatica e quaderno di esercitazioni pratiche)- ed. Le Monnier , Firenze.
-           “Progetto Italiano 1” ,edizioni Edilingua