Student guide International Program A.Y. 2006/07

Topics in Development Economics (Country Risk Analysis)
Novella Bottini
Aim of the course
The overall aim of the course is to provide students with an introduction to the main problems affecting developing countries and to the key structural features of these economies. The course will focus on both micro level and macro level issues, which means that the heart of the discussion will be both single individuals, who face particular problems because of the place of living, single firms and the country as whole.  The topic of development, poverty and inequality will be presented in the first class, as it represents a central starting point for a course in development economics. The identification of who are the poor, where they live and their characteristics should provide a first insight on the developing world. In the second part of the seminar we analyse an important feature that has characterised developing countries since the last two decades: the trade liberalisation process. After a description of the main feature of the openness process and its link with development, we study the impact of trade on poverty and inequality.
The third part of the seminar will shift to macro issues, such as debt reduction and the economic of aid, offering some knowledge on whether these instruments are an effective way to fight under-development and poverty.
Lecture 1: Poverty and Development
Lecture 2: Inequality
Lecture 3: Trade and Development
Lecture 4: Trade, Poverty and Inequality
Lecture 5: Debt Reduction
Lecture 6: Aid
Every student has to prepare and essay, choosing one of the three titles provided.
Reading list
An extensive reading list will be handed out at the first lesson.