Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2004/05 Lauree Triennali

Human Resources Management
Aim of the course
 This course looks at the aspects of the interpersonal relations that come into play in organisations and in particular in companies. It considers that the human factor has a great and often unforeseeable impact on operations and their results, facilitating or impeding the success of company decisions and actions. The fundamentals of Human Resources Management (HRM) will be extensively presented, with a glance at international cultures in management.
Part 1 - Human resources management (HRM) in an international perspective:
1.       the Culturalistic school;
2.       the Convegence school;
3.       the Contingency school;
4.       differences in HRM in different countries.
Part 2 - Teamwork in a multicultural environment:
1.       understanding companies and organisations cultures;
2.       working Internationally;
3.       intercultural Communication;
4.       HRM aspects in merge and acquisition.
Part 3 - Motivational Approaches:
1.       psychological Contracts;
2.       perception;
3.       content Approaches to Motivation;
4.       process Approaches to Motivation;
5.       motivation and Rewards.
The students will be able to assess their progress during the course through direct contact with the lecturers and through the discussion of cases and problems examined in class. A final exam is foreseen in oral and written form.
Reading list
A reading list will be indicated during the course. Some didactic materials will be provided by the lecturers.