Student guide Facoltą di Economia A.A. 2007/08

International strategy
Aim of the course
Changing patterns of global competition and transnational co-operation are redefining the rules of the international business. Managers have to cope with the need for simultaneously achieving global effectiveness and local responsiveness. This course provides the basics of international strategic management exploring the role of environmental factors in international business, organisational structures and processes for cross-border activities, new ways to co-ordinate and exploit the diversity of resources and cultures within international organisations, alternative market-entry mechanisms, and some function-specific strategies in the international context.
Globalization of Competition
Country Differences
The Strategy of International Business  
The Organization of International Business
International Human Resource Management
International Alliances and M&A
Global Innovation
Globalization and the Internet
The Social Responsibility of the Global Firm
Group projects to be presented at the end of the course and written exam.
Reading list
Compulsory: Hill, C.W.L., International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace, 6th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2006.
Suggested: Lasserre, P., Global Strategic Management, Palgrave – MacMillan, 2003.