Guida dello studente: International Program A.Y. 2006/07


After signing the Bologna Declaration in 1999, the Italian government passed a new law in the same year to reform the Italian Higher Education system according to the Declaration principles.
It has been the most far-reaching and swiftest reform of all the European countries, probably because the Italian university system was facing many of the problems the Bologna declaration seeks to resolve.
The new law became effective in 2001-2002, although some universities introduced the new system on an experimental basis in 2000-2001.   In those universities, including LIUC, the first cohort of new graduates finished in June 2003, but the real effects began to be felt after the main cohort finished in June 2004.  The old system is being gradually phased out.

The new system:
The new law has introduced the following points:
-          adoption of a system essentially based on two main cycles - first cycle degree(Laurea) 180 credits and second cycle degree (Laurea Magistrale) 120 credits;
-          establishment of a system of credits   such as in the ECTS system;
-          implementation of the Diploma Supplement;
-                    promotion of the European dimension in higher education particularly with regard to inter-institutional co-operation mobility schemes and integrated programmes of study;