Guida dello studente: International Program A.Y. 2006/07


Visa requirements
·        Non European Union Citizens:
You are required to apply for a student visa prior to leaving your home country.
Applications should be made at your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. When you apply, be prepared to submit the following documents in their original form (no photocopies are accepted):
- valid passport
- letter of acceptance at LIUC
- proof of sufficient funds to support your stay in Italy, either through a scholarship or bank documentation.
- private health insurance
Note:  We advise you to contact the Italian Consular Authorities for further information as requirements are often subject to changes. This process can take one month or more, so please ensure you start procedures early.

·        European Union Citizens:
Citizens of EU countries do not require a student visa to enter Italy. However if you plan to extend your stay, you are required by law, to obtain a residence permit, known as "permesso di soggiorno", for which you require all of the above mentioned documents, as well as proof of valid health insurance (obtained from your home country).

"Permesso di soggiorno"
You must register at the Police Station  within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. To carry out this procedures you will be helped by the International Office during the orientation week.
If you require a residence permit ("Permesso di soggiorno"), the documents you need are the following:
-       One copy of all stamped pages of your passport with particular attention to the student visa**
-       FOUR photos (passport size) **
-      “Marca da bollo” (Italian stamp duty) €14,62 (to be purchased in Italy) **
-       valid health insurance
-      ONE copy of the financial statement (a letter from the bank or the parents stating that you have enough money to survive in Italy, they also accept a copy of your credit card) **
-       ONE copy of the housing contract issued by the Campus or by the owner of our flat
-       ONE copy of a letter provided by the International office
**Please ensure that you have all these documents with you for the orientation week.

Health Insurance
Non EU citizens are highly recommended to have some form of private insurance with a consular declaration of validity for Italy. Alternatively, you can purchase the ASSITALIA health insurance here at the Post Office (it costs about 80 Euros and covers only emergency care).
You can also register with  the Italian health service at the medical centre in Castellanza (student rates are 150 Euros) to be covered for any medical care on the same basis as an Italian citizen.
If you come from an EU country you can use the Italian health service by presenting the International Health card, issued by the health insurance authorities of your country.

Buongiorno = Good Morning
Ciao = Hello, Hi
Come ti chiami? = What’s your name?
Mi chiamo Laura = My name is Laura
Piacere di conoscerti = Nice to meet you
Come stai? = How are you?
Parla inglese? = Do you speak English?
Io non parlo italiano molto bene = I don’t speak Italian very well
Mi scusi = Excuse me
Per favore = Please
Grazie = Thank you
Prego = You are welcome