Guida dello studente: International Program A.Y. 2006/07


You can walk just about anywhere in Castellanza, but to visit the surrounding cities you will need to use public transport (bus or trains), bikes or cars.
Cars and car rental
If you have your own car, you are advised to bring it as it will make getting around much easier. At the University there is a large parking area where you can leave you car night and day. In Italy, students are used to going out by car, especially here in Castellanza where there is no night-bus service and public transport stops running quite early (20.37 last train and 0.00 last bus from Milan).
If you decide to hire a car in Italy remember to bring your driving license (for European citizens) or your international driving license (for Non Europeans).


A one-way ticket to Milan costs just over 2 Euros, and a ride to the nearer towns will cost you less than 1.50 Euro. Tickets can be bought at the bar next to the University and at the Castellanza train station. A timetable is shown at the bus stop next to the University, but you can also refer to the bus company web site:

Dov’è l’aula? = Where is the classroom?
A destra = On the right
A sinistra = On the left
Primo piano = First floor
Secondo piano = Second floor
Terzo piano = Third floor
Qui = Here
Là = There
Vicino = Close, Near
Lontano = Far
Professore = Teacher
Studente = Student
Ricevimento = Consulting hours

The most common means used by students to go to Milan is the train. Ten minutes' walk from the University there is the "Ferrovie Nord Milano" Station, where you can take a train every hour. The last stop is Milano-Cadorna station, very close to the Sforza Castle, the main pedestrian shopping area of Milan and the Duomo (Cathedral) which you can easily reach either on foot or by taking the red metro line.
A return ticket to Milan costs 5.20 Euros, however, with the purchase of the Euro<26 card, students are entitled to discounted tickets.
For further information on timetable and prices please refer to:
Shops and supermarket
Shops are normally open from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, all shops except florists and bakeries are closed. Many shops close all day or half a day on Mondays.
In Italy, shops have a lunch break of approximately three hours: they are open from 8.30/9.00 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30 (in Milan city centre shops stay open all day).
If you need to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables we recommend you visit the Castellanza street market, held every Friday from 8.00 to 13.00. The Market Square is located behind the public library of Castellanza (2 minutes from the campus).
Esselunga is the nearest supermarket and its opening hours are:
8.00 - 21.00 Tuesday to Saturday.
At Esselunga it is worth your while to obtain the "fidaty" card as it entitles you to purchase many goods at discounted prices.

Post Office
In Castellanza the post office is close to the University.
Office hours are 8.30-19.00 from Monday to Friday and 8.30-12.30 on Saturdays.
Close to the University there are two pharmacies that are open Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 19.30.
In Castellanza there are several banks mainly located in Corso Matteotti, near the university. There is also a bank on campus.
Banks opening hour are from 8.00/8.30 to 13.00 and 14.30/15.00-16.00 from Monday to Friday.
Italian cinemas show movies dubbed in Italian and without subtitles.
In Castellanza there is a small movie theatre where a cineforum takes place once a week.
However, not far from Castellanza there is a new shopping centre with many clothing shops, an amusement centre and a large multiplex cinema with over ten rooms. Some films are shown in the original language. A ticket costs approximately 7.50 Euros, but there are peak times and days in which discounts are available.
More information: (select “Cerro Maggiore”)
Three cinemas in Milan show films in the original version.

Eating out
Even on a budget you can experience the best of Italian cuisine. In the city of Milan and Varese you can find a large variety of restaurants and
pizzerias where you can enjoy a wide range of excellent dishes.
Nearby the university, there are several restaurants and two of them are known for specialising in local dishes, which is definitely worth a try!

At the Supermarket
 Cibo = Food
Latte = Milk
Uova = Eggs
Pane = Bread
Burro = Butter
Marmellata = Jam
Prosciutto = Ham
Frutta e Verdura = Fruit and
Pomodoro = Tomato
Formaggio = Cheese
Carne = Meat
Acqua = Water
Vino = Wine