Guida dello studente: International Program A.Y. 2006/07


Lombardy experiences all four seasons so please bring suitable clothing for both summer and winter temperatures. If you are studying at LIUC in the winter semester, especially from November to March when temperatures are low and rainfalls frequent, we would recommend you to bring along some warm clothes and shoes, a winter coat and an umbrella. Check page 7 for temperatures in Lombardy.
The electrical current in Italy is AC-  the cycle is 50Hz 220 V. If the current in your country is different, please remember to bring a transformer if you are travelling with electrical appliances. Plugs have two round pins and therefore an adapter plug is needed for appliances purchased outside Europe (including UK and Ireland).
Public telephones
In Italy, telephone booths are commonly found in piazzas, on the streets and in some bars or public places. In Castellanza, there is one just out of the main gate of the University and one at the reception of the Residence halls. Most booths work with telephone cards that can be purchased at a tabacchino (bar which sells also cigarettes, stamps, bus
tickets, domestic and international phone cards etc.). To make
international calls we suggest you purchase pre-paid telephone cards that offer special deals for certain countries and times. Alternatively, you can easily activate the phone in your campus room for external calls.
Alcohol, drug and smoking regulations
In Italy alcoholic drinks can be easily purchased in shops and at the supermarket, but as in many other European countries, drinking and driving is illegal. It is also against the law to take drugs of any kind.
Smoking is  forbidden in all public places, such as public transport, schools, universities, offices and cinemas. Some restaurants and bars may provide smoking areas.
Since the 28th of February 2002 the only official Italian currency is the Euro.
Cost of living
Living expenses for international students in LIUC are estimated at 750-1000 Euros per month (including rent) on average. Of course, expenses vary depending on your own spending habits and lifestyle, so please make sure you have enough funds to support your stay through grants, scholarships or private means.

Some prices:
Milk: 1.30 Euros a litre
Bread: 2 Euros a kilo
Newspaper: 1 Euro
McDonald: Big Mac Menu 6.50 Euros
Pizza: 6 Euros
Cinema: 7.50 Euros
Lunch on Campus: 6 Euros
Train return ticket to Milan: 5.20 Euros
Cappuccino: 1.20 Euros
Small Beer: 1.55 Euros
Coca-Cola: 1.14 Euros