Guida dello studente: International Program A.Y. 2006/07


International Office
The Office assists Italian and International students and staff with all enquiries relating to international  opportunities at the University. It offers support to Italian students going abroad and to International students settling into Castellanza and the University.
Office hours:
10.30-12.00, 13.30-15.00
Monday to Friday

International Director:
Fiona Hunter
Phone: +39 0331 572 255

Fiona Hunter is responsible for the university international policy and strategic development of internationalisation. She supervises all international programmes.

International adviser for incoming students:
Cristina Colombo
Phone: +39 0331 572 295

Cristina Colombo is responsible for all incoming students. She also manages the Socrates Institutional Contract.

Academic Coordinator for the International Programme:
Immacolata Flagiello
Phone: +39 0331 572 434

Immacolata  Flagiello is responsible for the International Programme (Courses held in English). She also looks after incoming  and outgoing staff mobility.

International adviser for outgoing students:
Nicoletta Cazzani
Phone: +39 0331 572 395

Nicoletta Cazzani is responsible for Italian students on exchange, study abroad and international internship programmes.

International Coordinator for Liuc and Front Office
Francesca Adamoli
Phone: +39 0331 572 506
Francesca Adamoli is responsible for the liason with partner institutions for Socrates/Contracts and Bilateral Agreement. She looks also after the Italian students on exchange.

The international staff is always available to help you achieve your study goals and enjoy your stay in Italy. Should you experience any concerns or difficulties before arriving and during your stay at LIUC, please feel free to contact them.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) at LIUC
What is the ESN?
The Erasmus Student Network is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit student association, made up of volunteer students from the member  countries of the European Union.
The ESN ensures the integration of foreign students into local student life and offers the best possible welcome and guidance in studying in a foreign higher education institution. This is done by arranging social and cultural events, as well as organising trips, excursions and international parties. International students who join the ESN will gain access to these events and will also be entitled to discounts in local shops and bars.
The ESN in Castellanza works closely with the International Office in
assisting all exchange and visiting students from their arrival to their departure.
For further information contact ESN CASTELLANZA - LIUC:
Tel. +39 0331 572 457