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Locoro, Angela
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Curriculum Vitae

Titoli di studio:
BsC in Computer Science and MA in Modern Literature Studies from University of Genova, Italy; PhD in Informatics Engineering from University of Genova; Master in Scientific and Economic Journalism, University of Insubria (VA).
Posizioni presso la LIUC:
Posizioni presso altre università:
Docente a contratto
Attività di ricerca:
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Data Visualization
- Computer Supported Cooperative Work
- Qualitative research
- Knowledge IT Artifacts Design
- Socio-technical aspects of IS
- Gender Studies

Research grants:

- research excellence award Università Cattaneo-LIUC (2018);
- best paper award at the International Conferene of Knowledge Management and Information Sharing (2014)
- PhD Thesis award from ASING, University of Genova (2010)

Projects where I was Involved:

- Walking the last mile from data to decision-making: the role of data validation and data visualization, founded by LIUC (Principal Investigator), 2019
- Human data Interaction in Lombardia: Sviluppo di servizi di visualizzazione interattiva per il pubblico e l’amministratore, funded by Regione Lombardia, University of Milano-Bicocca, 2017
- DIDIY, EU Project H2020, 2016
- COMSODE, EU 7FP Project, 2014
- IEEE ORA - Ontologies for Robotics and Automation” Working Group
- "KP-LAb", EU FP6 Project, 2007-2010
- Firb "Indiana MAS", 2012-2014
- Firb "WEB-MINDS", 2004-2006

Organizational roles:
Track Chair at ECIS 2020, 28th European Conference on Information Systems, of the conference track with title “socio-technical systems towards Industry 5.0”.

Track Chair at ECIS 2019, 27th European Conference on Information Systems, of the conference track with title “Contemporary Socio-Technical Perspectives”.

Track Chair at ECIS 2018, 26th European Conference on Information Systems, of the conference track with title “Sociotechnical Change: a Dialectic Among Individuals, Technologies and Social Contexts”.

Co-Chair of the VVH 2018 Workshop “Valuable visualization of healthcare information: from the quantified self data to emotions”, co-located with AVI, 29 May 2018.

Program Committee memver of AVI 2018, International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Castiglione della Pescaia (GR), 29 May, 1st June 2018.

Organization Committee of the ITAIS 2017 conference, XIV Conference of the Italian Chapter of Association for Information Systems Organizing for Digital Economy: societies, communities and individuals.

Guest editor of the Special Issue on the International Journal Program, Emerald Publisher, Impact Factor 1.0, with title: Design, development and use of Knowledge Artifacts in professional communities of practice", available online

Organization Committee of the EUSSET International Summer School on Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Foundations, Methods and Technologies, editions 2015 and 2016 and 2018 (forthcoming)

Co-Chair of the VVH 2016 Workshop “Valuable visualization of healthcare information: from the quantified self data to conversations”, co-located with AVI, 7 June 2016.

Co-Chair of the KITA 2015 and 2016 editions of the Workshop “International Workshop on the design, development and use of Knowledge IT Artifacts (KITA) in professional communities and aggregations”, co-located with KMIS 2015 and KMIS 2016, respectively

Program Committee member of: CoPDA 2015, held in conjunction with IS-EUD 2015, COOP 2016, CoPDA 2016, held in conjunction with NordCHI 2016,and CoPDA 2018, held in conjunction with AVI 2018.

Organization committee for University of Genova participation to 2005 and 2006 editions of “Festival della Scienza” (Science Festival) of Genova, held in end october for both years. This Festival aimed at promoting Science to the citizens.
Principali pubblicazioni:
Paper selection:

Cabitza, F., Locoro, A., Ravarini, A. (2019). Trading off between control and autonomy: a narrative review around de-design. Behavior & Information Tehcnology,

Ravarini, A., Locoro, A., Martinez M., (2019). Digital Transformation Projects Maturity and Managerial Competences: A Model and Its Preliminary
Assessment, A. Lazazzara et al. (eds.), Exploring Digital Ecosystems, Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation 33, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020,

Cabitza, F., Locoro, A., Ravarini, A. (2019). Reporting some marginal discourses to root a De-design approach in is development. In: A. Lazazzara et al. (eds.), Exploring Digital Ecosystems, Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation 33, Springer Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020,

F. Cabitza, A. Locoro, C. Alderighi, R. Rasoini, D. Compagnone, P. Berjano. (2019). The elephant in the record: on the variability of data recording work, accepted for publication to Health Informatics Journal, SAGE

F. Cabitza, G. Ellingsen, A. Locoro, C. Simone (2019). Repetita Iuvant: Exploring and Supporting Redundancy in Hospital Practices, CSCW Journal, 28, 64-91, Springer, doi: 10.1007/s10606-017-9303-z

F.Cabitza, A.Locoro, G.Banfi (2018). Machine Learning in Orthopedics: a Literature Review, accepted for publication to Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

F.Cabitza, A.Locoro, C.Batini (2018). Personalization of Open Data through a Social Value Perspective: a Human-Centered Methodology applied to Healthcare Datasets. Information Systems Frontiers, Springer, doi 10.1007/s10796-018-9854-7

F.Cabitza, A.Locoro, A.Ravarini (2018). 3D Printing Objects as Knowledge Artifacts for a Do-it-Yourself Approach in Clinical Practice: a Questionnaire-based User Study in the Orthopaedics Domain, Data Technologies and Applications, Emerald Publishing. DOI:

A.Locoro, A.Ravarini (2018). The CIO and CDO Socio-Technical Roles in the Age of Digital Business Transformation: an Interpretive Study, accepted for publication as Chapter in Springer Book as extended verison of ItAIS 2017 Conference paper.

F. Cabitza, A. Locoro (2017). Human-Data Interaction in Healthcare, “Smart Technology Applications in Business Environments.", IGI Global, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2492-2.ch009.

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