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Sciascia, Salvatore
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Edificio Torre Settimo Piano

Telefono: 0331 572417
Fax: 0331 572260

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Curriculum Vitae

Titoli di studio:
- Master degree in Business Administration at LIUC (2000)
- PhD in Business Administration at LIUC (2004).
- Ph.D. courses attended at the Jonkoping International Business School and Università della Svizzera Italiana
Posizioni presso la LIUC:
Rector's Delegate for Research

Co-director of FABULA (FAmily BUsiness LAb)

Full Professor, responsible for "Family Business Management & Organization" (Bachelor); "International Strategy & Multinational Corporation" (Master); "Family Business Management & Governance" (Master)

At post-graduate level, he teaches "Strategic Management" within programs as the International MBA and the Master in Merchant Banking.
Posizioni presso altre università:
Affiliated Professor at Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership (CeFEO), Jonkoping International Business School (Sweden)

Contract Professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland).

In the past, he received appointments from several Universities (Milano-IULM, Catania, Verona, Milano-Cattolica, Milano-Bocconi, Valle d'Aosta, Pisa, Grenoble, Jonkoping, Vilnius and Lancaster).
Attività di ricerca:
Research interests:
- Family Business
- Business Strategy
- Firm performance
- Growth
- Corporate Entrepreneurship

Awards and recognitions:
- honorable mention for a paper presented at the 21th IFERA World Family Business Research Conference (year 2022);
- Top cited article 2020-2021 - European Management Review (year 2022);
- honorable mention for a paper presented at the 21th IFERA World Family Business Research Conference (year 2021);
- Top 10 cited articles 2018-2020 in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (year 2020)
- research excellence award Università Cattaneo-LIUC (year 2018);
- honorable mention for a paper presented at the 17th IFERA World Family Business Research Conference (year 2017);
- winner of a research grant from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (year 2016);
- invitation to the ToFE (Theory of Family Enterprise) Conference - Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (year 2016);
- outstanding reviewer for the 15th IFERA World Family Business Research Conference (year 2015);
- excellent reviewer for Family Business Review (year 2014);
- inclusion in the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (year 2014);
- Elsevier excellent reviewer for Journal of Family Business Strategy (year 2013);
- admission to the Junior Faculty Research Workshop of the SMS Entrepreneurship and Strategy Interest Group (year 2012);
- inclusion in the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (year 2011);
- best paper on Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses at the 6th EIASM Workshop on Family Firms Management Research (year 2010);
- best paper presented at the 9th IFERA World Family Business Research Conference (year 2009);
- best article appeared in Family Business Review (year 2008);
- honorable mention for a paper presented at the 8th IFERA World Family Business Research Conference (year 2008).

Editorial boards:
- Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
- Family Business Review
- Journal of Small Business Management (2015-2021)
- Journal of Family Business Strategy
- Journal of Management & Governance
- Piccola Impresa / Small Business

Reviewer for: Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal; Small Business Economics; International Small Business Journal; California Management Review; Journal of Business Ethics; European Management Journal; European Management Review; Journal of International Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Research Journal; Financial Reporting.

His studies were presented at the main conferences in management (AOM, EURAM, AIDEA, SIDREA), entrepreneurship (BCERC, INTENT, RENT, AGSE) and family business (FERC, IFERA, EIASM, FFI).

Conference appointments:
member of the scientific committee of the 4th Piccola Impresa / Small Business Workshop (Urbino, 2021);
member of the scientific committee of the IFERA Research Development Workshop (Brescia, 2020);
member of the scientific committee of the workshop on “Exploring the Relationships between Innovation and Internationalisation of Family Firms across Europe” (Trento, 2018);
chair of the "Governance, Management and Growth in Family Businesses" track of the EURAM Conference (Reykjavik, 2018); organizer of the SIDREA International Workshop on “Family Involvement in Management and Firm Growth (Naples, 2017);
chair of the "Family Business Governance" track of the EURAM Conference (Glasgow, 2017);
facilitator and keynote speaker at the IFERA Research Development Workshop (Wien, 2014);
keynote speaker at the 5th E-LAB International Symposium of Entrepreneurship “Family Entrepreneurship: A New Field of Research Family Entrepreneurship” (Lyon, 2013);
chair of the "Family business" track of the 1st Annual Corporate Entrepreneurship Workshop (Lyon, 2011);
member of the "Research & Education Symposium" Scientific Committee of the Family Firm Institute Conference (New York, 2009);
chair of the "Entrepreneurship in industrial districts" track of the EURAM Conference (Lubjana, 2008).
Esperienze professionali:
Advisor for
- individuals
- firms
- business associations
- public authorities
- international organizations
Principali pubblicazioni:
Salvatore Sciascia on ResearchGate


International Journal Articles

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