L12010 Lingua Inglese - Parte 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Scuola di Diritto
Academic Year 2014/15 Annual

Docente TitolareMichele Puglisi
OfficeNear to the reading room ("Sala dei Gelsi")
Phone0331 572584

Learning Objectives


At the end of the course the student will be able:

  1. to read texts from different legal sources at an intermediate / advanced level (B1/C1)

  2. to acquire terminology associated with international communication in the legal profession

  3. to write concise and coherent texts in dealing with legal correspondence

  4. to discuss international legal issues

       5.  to acquire listening skills in order to participate effectively in meetings and consultations (B2/C1)

Learning targets


Consolidation of language structure and lexis in a professional legal context. Introduction to and practice in the various skills involved in achieving a pass at TOLES Foundation exam (B1) or Cambridge ILEC (B2/C1).

Course Content




1. The course will provide appropriate coverage of the following topics:

  • the legal profession in common law countries;

  • the language of contract law;

  • the language of tort law

  • the language of business law

  • notions of employment law

  • notions of land law in common law countries

  • notions of environmental law

2 - develop reading skills

  • understanding vocabulary in context

  • making logical deductions

  • interpreting varieties of meaning

  • identifying restatements

  • understanding use of English in legal language

3. - develop strategies for building writing skills:

  • writing correctly structured responses

  • writing short letters of advice, explanation

  • using appropriate register and terminology for legal correspondence

  • writing a memorandum discussing issues, recommending action, summarising (250 words) (B2/C1)

4develop strategies for building listening skills (B2/C1)

  • understanding natural speech

  • identifying topic and purpose

  • identifying attitude


5 – develop strategies for building speaking skills (B2 /C1)

  • responding to questions on career or legal matters

  • giving and exchanging information and opinions

  • participating in discussions of case studies

Course Delivery


The level of each student is determined by an Entry test at the beginning of year 1.The course will run under a modular format requiring active student involvement. Lower level students are expected to attend extra modules.

Students are required to prepare lessons in advance and integrate their studies with assigned work to maintain continuity. Individual studies should also include extensive reading and specific exam practice activities.

Students are responsible for attending classes with the required materials, some of which can be downloaded from the website of the course

Students may also have access to individual tutoring.

Course Evaluation


Students will be assessed internally at the end of each module. Second year tests will assess readiness for one of the compulsory international certificates(TOLES/ILEC).

A mock examination will give students access to enrolment in TOLES or ILEC examinations.

in order to have access to the complete syllabus please enter on the student self service