A14002 International Human Resource Management

Scuola di Economia e Management
Academic Year 2018/19 Second Semester

Docente TitolareAntonio Giangreco
OfficeBuilding M11 wing 1, Ground floor

Learning Objectives

This course deals with issues concerning the management of human resources in global organizations. It particularly focuses on the international angle and analyzes how to use systems and processes for people management. The course aims to contribute to your development as a competent manager in international organizational settings.

Learning targets

The course aims to help you to:
1. Know various options in structuring systems for effective deployment of people in multinational organizations
2. Understand the importance of HRM in multinational organizations
3. Understand how different approaches can be used to manage human resources
4. Develop awareness of tools and techniques which can be used for HRM effectiveness
5. Critically analyze various HRM interventions in global organizations

Course Content

Role of the HR function in a multinational company, and the required competencies. The HR policies. The complexity coming from an international context. Different approaches: HCN, PCN, TCN. Planning the workforce in a multinational company.

Recruitment and selection of multinational companies: advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. Diversity issues in the selection of HR. Discussion of a case study.

Issues and complexities in assessing performances across the world. Ethical issues in the use of HRM tools. Compensation systems: expatriates vs. locals. Gender discrimination in pay. The importance of pre-departure and post-departure training. Discussion of a case study.

Re-entry issues and the management of dual career couple. Gender stereotypes for expatraiates. Strategies evolution of companies going abroad.

Course Delivery

The themes will be explored jointly through class discussions, case studies, presentations, and other activities during the contact hours with the facilitator. 

Course Evaluation

The attendance is compulsory and only attending students will be admitted to the final exam. There will be only one exam date. If students fail the exam or reject the mark obtained they will not have a second chance to retake the exam.

Class Participation
You will be assessed on your level of participation in various activities in class. This includes both individual and group oriented activities done in class. 40%
Group Presentations
This involves doing a group presentation in class. Detailed information regarding this assessment component will be provided in the first session. 20%
Final Examination
An examination will be conducted at the end of the course. 40%


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